Pressure and force transducer/platform, ultrasound, electromyography (EMG), 3D printing

Laboratory (Softwares)

LabVIEW, ImageJ, Adobe Photoshop

Performance Analysis


3D Motion Analysis

I have been using VICON Nexus for 3D motion analysis alot of over the years, especially currently for my PhD. Recently I have learned and helped to conduct studies using other systems such as the XSens and the SIMI.


Automation, Signal processing (e.g. 3D motion analysis, EMG etc), data wrangling and analysis and Creating Awesome Balls of Fire


I mainly use R for Data Analysis and Visualisation. An example can be seen in the Projects - Data Analysis

SQL and Athlete Management System (Database)

Over the years as a coach, I have accumulated thousands of spreadsheets, data etc. A few years ago, I started trying to organise them, especially when as Sports Science Coordinator, I had to consolidate data from different disciplines (e.g. YPIs, training programs, medical, physiological, nurtitrional plan, videos). This triggered my passion for database management. And as more coaches will tell you, the more information we have about the athelete, the better we can train them.

Notational Analysis

As a rugby coach, I am always interested in notational analysis, which is the study of strategy and tactics in team sports. I have recently published two such papers, one on hockey and one on water polo.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Coach for the past 14 years. And have worked with a wide variety of athletes across the whole development spectrum


Other than Strength and Conditioning, I also coach Rugby, Athletics and Weightlifting


Emergency Medical Technician (Basic). I started out my sports science career as a Sports Masseur/Sports Trainer (i.e., first aider/rehabilitation assistant) and spent several years providing first aid, other medical support and rehabilitation to fellow athletes. Earning my Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) was a natural progression to achieve a higher level of skill and competency. And while I have moved into the area of Biomechanics, I make it a point to always maintain my currency and competency in these skills as I sincerly do enjoy doing it.


Experienced in venipuncture for the purpose of drawing blood.

AusREP (Level 3)

Australia Register of Exercise Professionals (AusREP). Level 3 (Advanced) represents an exercise professional who has a more progressed level of knowledge and skill and has considerable experience to draw upon. It is expected that a professional at this stage of development can combine the use of competencies, experience and critical thinking skills in practice.


My journey thus far….

December 2020 – Present
Kallang, Singapura

Senior Performance Pathways Specialist | Team Lead, Physiology | Team Lead, Team 3 Sports

National Youth Sports Institute

July 2020 – Present
Nanyang, Singapura


Nanyang Technological University

July 2020 – Present
Perth, Western Australia

Adjunct Lecturer

Edith Cowan University

The School of Medical and Health Sciences is home to teaching and research in Medical and Biomedical Sciences, Allied Health, and Exercise and Sports Sciences, as well as in Public, Occupational and Environmental Health. Our world-class research is rapidly translated to provide solutions to some of the key health issues facing our community
February 2020 – October 2020
Simei, Singapura

Senior Analyst, Health Services Researcher

Changi General Hospital

Health Services Research provides analytical and research support for evidence-based management and clinical decision-making at Changi General Hospital. The main goals of health services research are to: 1) Identify the most effective ways to organise, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care 2) Reduce medical errors 3) Improve patient safety
November 2019 – February 2020
Perth, Western Australia

Data Officer

The Raine Study, University of Wesern Australia

I handle data request, clean and manage data for the Raine Study.
July 2019 – January 2020
Perth, Western Australia

Sports Scientist/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Goalball WA

Apply an interdisciplinary approach to provide sports science support to improve the performance of the Goalball WA team. Provide a training intervention and recommendations to the current existing training pipeline and program.
March 2019 – May 2019
Perth, Western Australia

Project Officer (DataWA Portal)

Landgate (Western Australian Land Information Authority)

1) Assess the quality of the data sets held in the Western Australian Open Data portal in light of other open data sources and emerging technologies (particularly Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) that are being seen internationally;

2) Provide a report detailing where the main gaps fall within the DataWA collection and what standards are required for future-readying it;

3) Within this report, provide a series of tangible “next steps” as a recommendation for Landgate on what standards need to be applied and what steps need to be taken in readying this data for use through emerging technologies.

July 2015 – Present
Perth, Western Australia

Academic Sessional

Edith Cowan University

  • Tutor for 1st and 2nd year (undergraduate) biomechanics and functional anatomy
  • Tutor for Statistical Research Methods
  • Tutor for a topic in a Masters-level unit: “Data Visualisation and Introduction to R”
  • Practicum supervisor for Exercise Prescription and Resistance Training
  • Practicum supervisor for Research Assistants (Undergraduate)
March 2014 – March 2015

Associate Lecturer

Republic Polytechnic

Principal duties were to conduct approved Learning Units (“LU”) for all CET courses and such other courses in relation thereto as RP may determine from time to time. Taught in LUs for:- * Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science * Specialist Diploma in Sports Coaching * Basic Sports Science Course
December 2013 – Present

Principle Consultant

State of Fitness SG

  • Provides an integrated sports science and performance analysis consultancy and support.
  • Head, Strength and Conditioning Coach
January 2013 – December 2014

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Singapore Sports Institute

Provided Strength and Conditioning services to National Athletes.
March 2010 – March 2011

Sports Biomechanist

Singapore Sports School

  • Introduced notational analysis and provided training for sports coaches to utilise it as part of their coaching.
  • Provided qualitative and quantitative biomechanical analysis to sports coaches.
January 2007 – January 2013

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Singapore Sports School

  • Provided Strength and Conditioning Services to student-athletes at the school
  • Created Athletic Training Competency, a maturational and competency based strength and conditioning program for the student-athletes.
May 2006 – December 2006

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Singapore Sports Council

January 2006 – December 2006

Laboratory Officer

Singapore Sports Council

  • Assists Sports Physiologist and Principal Laboratory officer with both field and laboratory based testing.
  • Perform routine basic laboratory duties and other maintenances.
March 2005 – January 2007

Sports Trainer - Rehabilitation

Singapore Sports Council

  • Responsible for providing pitch-side first aid and attend to injuries during training and competitions. Refer to and follow up with physiotherapist on athletes injuries.
  • Responsible for all medical matters when attached to sports teams overseas.
December 2004 – December 2006

Sports Masseur

Singapore Sports Council

  • Provided sports massage, pre and post activity and other massage as directed by the physiotherapist.

Recent Publications

Temporal changes in ground reaction force magnitudes reflect movement strategy, and thus underlying muscle activation patterns, during …

Detailed examinations of both the movement and muscle activation patterns used by animals and humans to complete complex tasks are …

We examined the extent to which Ramadan fasting affects badminton skill performance under simulated (i.e., competitive) matchplay …

The Fédération Internationale de Natation implemented rule changes in 2013 to promote more dynamic movement, creativity, explosive …

This study examined the associations between pre-game wellness and changes in match running performance normalised to either (i) …

Objective: This cross-sectional study aims to compare the differences between the countermovement jump (CMJ) and concentric only squat …

Objective: This cross-sectional study aims to compare the differences between the countermovement jump (CMJ) and concentric only squat …

Projects (Sports Science)

Professional Projects

Athletic Training Competency

The Athletic Training Competency (ATC), is the culmination, of more than 4 years of practical coaching experience and reinforced by numerous studies and observation that looked at the development of Singaporean youths at the Singapore Sports School. The results is a 4-5 years program long term physical development that is based on the youth’s biological maturity (pre-pubescent, pubescent and post-pubescent) and guided by their actual physical capabilities. The ATC is a guide on what to teach/coach and focus on for each individual athletes and can be used by any trained PE teacher or Strength and Conditioning Coach. It does not require any invasive determination of the youths’s biological maturation and instead depends on a fairly consistent tracking of the youths physical development (eg. height etc.). One of the best project that I had the honor of leading and working on.

Beyond Jump Height: Predicting your lower limb anatomical, mechanical and neuromuscular characteristics from the vertical jump.

Beyond Jump Height: Predicting your lower limb anatomical, mechanical and neuromuscular characteristics from the vertical jump.

Beyond Jump Height: Understanding the kinematics and kinetics of the countermovement jump from vertical ground reaction force data through the use of higher-order time derivatives

Understanding the kinematics and kinetics of the countermovement jump from vertical ground reaction force data through the use of higher-order time derivatives

Stretch Shorten Cycle Across the different Maturational Stages (Pre, Pubescent and Post).

At the Singapore Sports School, we embraced the Long-Term Athletic Development Philosophy. However at that time, LTAD, was still largely empharical especially for Asian youths. I embarked on a project to try to understand the development of stretch shorten cycle across the different maturational stages (Pre, Pubescent and Post).

Youth Specific Basic Movement Screening @ Singapore Sports School

Created a youth-specific basic movement screening to assess, the movement and physical competency of the new students (aged 11 to 12) to the Singapore Sports School. The physical screening ensured that we were able to spot any deficiencies in basic movement patterns due to early specialisation in sports and/or lack of exposure to other basic movements. This helped to ensure a more even and holistic physical development and time for the students at the school.

Projects (Data Analysis)

Some of my initial projects that I embarked on to develop my Data Analysis skills using publicly availiable data

Determinants of Red Wine Quality-.

Research Question: Which chemical properties influence the quality of red wines? Background: Red Wine quality is graded by experts on a scale of 0 (very bad) to 10 (very excellent). To help understand what are the factors that determine the wine quality, the physicochemical properties of the wine was investigated. This is a qualititave measurement. By examining the physicochemical properties of wines of different grades, it might be possible to investigate whether there are factors or variables that can help determine the quality of red wine. This can help to quantify some of the grading process of the what is eitherwise a very qualitative measurement. This information in turn can be used in the future to help create a preliminary grading of wine quality (based on quantifiable measures) or something smiliar alomg that line.

Testing a Perceptual Phenomenon - The Stroop Effect

In this project, I investigated a classic phenomenon from experimental psychology called the Stroop Effect.

What are the predictors of baseball performance?

Research Question: Is there a relationship between anthropometric data with baseball performance?

Which type of dog breeds and maturation on tweets, get the best ratings?

Research Questions: Which type of dog breeds and maturation on tweets, get the best ratings?

Academic Teaching

Teaching at Educational Institutes

Postgraduate level

  • Tutor for a topic (unit) in a Masters-level unit: “Data Visualisation and Introduction to R”

Undergraduate level


  • SPS1116 Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy
  • SPS2116 Applied Biomechanics
  • MAT2107 Statistical Research Methods

Practicum supervisor

  • Exercise Prescription and Resistance Training
  • Research Assistants (Undergraduate)

Diploma level

Certificate Courses

Data and Software Carpentry


The Story so Far…….

Summary * Ground Up - From Sports Massuer to Sports Scientist and PhD Candidate * Broad based and interdisciplinary * Deepening specialisation

1) Ground Up I am most proud of the fact that I started my journey in this industry from the ground up and through continuous upgrading and learning, rose through the ranks. I started as a Sports Masseur after compleing my Basic Sports Massage ourse. During my times as a Sports Masseur, I took additional course to upgrade myself such as the Sports Trainer cours, which allowed me to take additional roles and responsibilitities such as Sports Trainer to sports teams in Singapore. During my 3 years as a Sports Trainer, I completed my undergrdaute degree in Science (Sports Science).

Upon completion, I took on the role of Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Singapore Sports School for more than 6 years, in which I completed 2 post-graduate degrees as a full-time student while working full-time at the Singapore Sports School. I am especially proud of my Masters by Research, in which I was able to conduct a research project on the development of stretch shortening cycle in youths across different biological maturation. During this time, I also expanded my knowledge and skills in the area of notational and performance analysis. These provided me a complimentary skills and allowed me to see sports science and training from a more holistic point of view.


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