youth development

Athletic Training Competency

The Athletic Training Competency (ATC), is the culmination, of more than 4 years of practical coaching experience and reinforced by numerous studies and observation that looked at the development of Singaporean youths at the [Singapore Sports School]( The results is a 4-5 years program long term physical development that is based on the youth's biological maturity (pre-pubescent, pubescent and post-pubescent) and guided by their actual physical capabilities. The ATC is a guide on what to teach/coach and focus on for each individual athletes and can be used by any trained PE teacher or Strength and Conditioning Coach. It does not require any invasive determination of the youths's biological maturation and instead depends on a fairly consistent tracking of the youths physical development (eg. height etc.). One of the best project that I had the honor of leading and working on.

Stretch Shorten Cycle Across the different Maturational Stages (Pre, Pubescent and Post).

At the Singapore Sports School, we embraced the Long-Term Athletic Development Philosophy. However at that time, LTAD, was still largely empharical especially for Asian youths. I embarked on a project to try to understand the development of stretch shorten cycle across the different maturational stages (Pre, Pubescent and Post).

Youth Specific Basic Movement Screening @ Singapore Sports School

Created a youth-specific basic movement screening to assess, the movement and physical competency of the new students (aged 11 to 12) to the [Singapore Sports School]( The physical screening ensured that we were able to spot any deficiencies in basic movement patterns due to early specialisation in sports and/or lack of exposure to other basic movements. This helped to ensure a more even and holistic physical development and time for the students at the school.