Honored to be awarded the SkillsFuture Fellowship Award by the President herself.

SkillsFuture Fellowship Award 2018

SkillsFuture Fellowship 2018 Presented by the President of the Republic of Singapore, the SkillsFuture Fellowships honour individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent.

There fellowship is awarded based on 3 criterias: 1) Deep skills in relevant areas of their professional and technical expertise 2) A strong personal commitment to lifelong learning and mastery of domain, with plans to continue their pursuit of skills mastery 3) Significant contribution to the skills development of others as an active advocate for lifelong learning (e.g. has a well-defined plan to further the SkillsFuture movement by contributing towards the skills development of others, participates actively in industry associations, government-related tripartite committees, or champions industry initiatives to support the skills development of others)

Sofyan Sahrom, PhD, RSCC*D
Athlete Developer | Data Analyst | Sports Scientist